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Mid-Wales Mine Adventures was established in 2019 to make the important history and remains of the area’s mining heritage accessible to the public. We offer a range of trips where people can see and explore the surface sites and underground mine workings, as well as see and learn about the landscape, people and working conditions of the prehistoric miners up to those of the early twentieth century. Some of our locations are amongst the most important and oldest industrial sites in Wales, and provide a variety of trips which can be suited to your requirements.


Mid Wales Mine Adventures aims to engage local and national audiences in promoting mid-Wales’ huge mining industry which has been neglected for many years. Whether you are a caver, mine explorer, geologist, historian or industrial archaeologist,

Mid Wales Mine Adventures can tailor its tours to suit your interests.


Ioan Lord, the founder of Mid Wales Mine Adventures, was born in 1998 and has spent his life exploring and documenting mid-Wales’ metal mining heritage. He is a director of the Welsh Mines Preservation Trust, which works to conserve and restore relics of the area’s industrial heritage for years to come. He also works on the Vale of Rheidol Railway as a guard and locomotive fireman; a preserved local industry which grew from the mining boom in the area.


He published his first study of mid-Wales' mining industry in 2018, Rich Mountains of Lead: the Metal Mining Industry of Cwm Rheidol and Ystumtuen, which enhanced the field of research as well as local and national interest in this often-neglected aspect of Welsh history and culture. 

Firmly based on printed, manuscript and oral authorities, the book explains the history and working of each of the mines in the district from ancient times to the twentieth century, and describes, from personal observation, the surviving remains, both under and overground. It will be of great interest to students of metal mining in mid West Wales and to those who see, from the road or the narrow gauge train, the broken walls and piles of rock which mark, on these beautiful hillsides, the graves of long departed industries.

Ioan Lord's book can be purchased via the following link, and its publication was one of the first steps towards establishing Mid Wales Mine Adventures.

"Ioan Lord’s book is superb, complementing David Bick’s volumes on Mid Wales which are great as guide books to the area, but this goes much further and interprets the mining archaeology, the layouts of the mines and the working and processing of the ore. Ioan has also included details of the people and their families that worked these mines.

The volume contains superb colour photographs, plans and layouts which, due to the A4 format, are clear and easy to understand. Ioan is also a mine explorer, and there are grid references and excellent site descriptions which make it so much easier for visitors to the mines, especially as the sites can be remote and involve a long trudge across open moorland. The book helps the visitor to navigate and prepares you for exploration of the sites as they are today. This is a superb volume, which is not only a good read but also a well-researched document."  - 2018


As well as preparing future books, articles and public lectures, Ioan created Mid Wales Mine Adventures in 2019 to make this integral part of Wales’ heritage accessible to the public, by offering specialist guided tours into the mines themselves.

As honorary Curator of the Llywernog Silver-lead Mine Museum and the Corris Railway Museum, Ioan has experience and interest in interpreting Welsh industry and culture. Mid Wales Mine Adventures will give you the opportunity not only to see and experience the underground mine workings and landscape, but to also learn about social evolution in mid-Wales over the past centuries and the effects which mining had on the region's rural and urban population.

“I have always been astonished at how little attention is given to mid-Wales’ metal mining industry, which is one of the reasons why I established Mid Wales Mine Adventures. At least 10 mines in mid-Wales were started in the Early Bronze Age over 4,000 years ago, and the industry’s lack of national representation is unbelievable. It was one of the largest and most important industries which mid-Wales ever had, and its remains represent the lives and work of hundreds of people from all across Wales, Britain and Europe who migrated to the area. This range of surface and underground tours are aimed at new visitors as well as enthusiasts, and can be suited to fit the customers’ interests. They will make accessible this integral part of Welsh heritage and national identity, as well as providing a memorable experience for visitors and tourists to the area.”  - Ioan Lord

A huge number of mid-Wales' mine sites have, and continue to be, bulldozed, landscaped and destroyed; sites which have great significance in Welsh heritage, and which shaped and transformed mid-Wales forever during the nineteenth century. Very few of these local industrial sites are protected, and many more can still be saved and preserved out of the hundreds which are scattered across the region. Some of Europe's earliest mines in mid-Wales are now being used as local rubbish tips; sites which all contributed to forming one of the largest and most important industries which mid-Wales ever had, and probably ever will have.

Join us on one of our tours and help us promote mid-Wales' rich mining heritage: see the scale of the huge underground caverns and learn about the hundreds of people who migrated from the rest of Britain and Europe to work in the depths of mid-Wales' Cambrian Mountains.

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